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  • Nagoya University
  • Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
  • World Premier International Research Center (WPI) Initiative
  • Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM)
  • International Association of Sexual Plant Reproduction Research


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Former Colleagues of Nano-Engineering Group

Jong-Ho Park (Apr. 2012 - Feb. 2013)

NameAssistant Professor, Hatsuzawa Lab, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Apr. 2013 - )

Primary Research Articles

1. “3D Micro patterning on a concave substrate for the replica of PDMS cylindrical stamp”, Jongho Park and Beomjoon Kim,Microelectronic Engineering, vol.98, pp.540-543, 2012.10.

2. “Fabrication of aluminum/alumina patterns using localized anodization of aluminum”, Jongho Park, Jacques Fattaccioli, Hiroyuki Fujita, and Beomjoon Kim,International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, vol.13, No.5, pp.765-770, 2012.5.

3. “Fabrication of metallic microstructure on curved substrate by optical soft lithography and copper electroplating”, Jongho Park, Hiroyuki Fujita, and Beomjoon Kim,Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol.168, pp.105-111, 2011.3.

4. “Direct force measurement of the interaction between liposome and the C2A domain of synaptotagmin I using atomic force microscopy”, Jong-Ho Park, Eun-Young Kwon, Hyo-Il Jung and Dae-Eun Kim, Biotechnology Letters, vol.28, pp.505-509, 2006.1.

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