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  • Nagoya University
  • Division of Biological Science, Graduate School of Science, Nagoya University
  • World Premier International Research Center (WPI) Initiative
  • Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM)
  • International Association of Sexual Plant Reproduction Research
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December 22,2015
December 10,2015 [News] Dr. Kurihara's movie was elected as Nikon Small World in Motion Competition 2015!
December 8,2015
November 20,2015
November 9,2015
October 28,2015 Publications Updated.
September 30,2015
September 29,2015
September 11,2015
September 4,2015 Publications Updated.
July 31,2015 Publications Updated.
July 30,2015
June 30,2015 Publications Updated.
June 16,2015
May 1,2015 [Open to register] International ERATO Higashiyama Live-Holonics Symposium and Technical Workshop 2015 “Organogenesis from Eggs to Mature Plants”
April 28,2015 Publications Updated.
April 25,2015 Publications Updated.
April 2,2015Members Updated.
April 2,2015Members Updated.
February 27,2015
About Group of Plant Reproductive Systems

Group of Plant Reproductive Systems (Higashiyama Lab) at Division of Biological Science has been studying pollen tube guidance, double fertilization, and mitochondrial nucleoids.

HIGASHIYAMA Professor, Division of Biological Science,Graduate School of Science,Nagoya University

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