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June 5,2013

[News] Research Director Tetsuya Higashiyama, Dr. Kurihara and Dr. Mizuta will give presentations in ICAR 2013.


Research Director Tetsuya Higashiyama, Dr. Kurihara, Group leader of Optical Technology, and Dr. Mizuta, Researcher of Optical Technology, will give presentations in "24th International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR 2013)" at Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Sydney, Australia on 24th to 28th June 2013.

✓ Research Director Tetsuya Higashiyama
  Title: Live-cell study of cell-to-cell communication in pollen tube guidance (SYM-12-02)
  Date: Thursday 27th Jun 2013
  Time: 11:10 - 11:35
  Venue: Parkside 110B

✓ Dr. Daisuke Kurihara
  Session: Development
  Title: Live-cell analysis of embryogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana (POS-TUE-059)
  Date: Tuesday 25th Jun 2013
  Time: 18:15 - 19:15
  Venue: Parkside Foyer

✓ Dr. Yoko Mizuta
  Session: Cell to Cell Communication
  Title: Phosphorothioate antisense oligodeoxynucleotides to transiently supress
         gene expression in living pollen tubes (POS-WED-200)
  Date: Wednesday 26th Jun 2013
  Time: 18:15 - 19:15
  Venue: Parkside Foyer

We are looking forward to your attendance!
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